Category: Membership

There is currently no financial cost to participating in the CSCC.

The CSCC welcomes companies interested in partnering to ensure the security and resiliency of the Nation’s communications systems and networks. In general, our members are stakeholders in the communication sector’s core networks: broadcasting, cable, satellite, wireless and wireline. See Join the CSCC for General Membership Guidelines. By way of comparison, you can find information on the IT-SCC here: http://www.it-scc.org.

Category: Membership

The CSCC holds annual elections to select an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets regularly and assumes responsibility for logistics and certain planning needs, while all Members are encouraged to participate in any of the Council’s Working Groups. Working Groups shall develop and send reports and recommendations to the Executive Committee. Participation is voluntary and members are encouraged to actively participate in at least one Working Group each year.

The CSCC works with its government partners to protect the Nation’s communications critical infrastructure and key resources and to ensure that the Nation’s communications networks and systems are secure, resilient, and rapidly restored after a natural or man-made disaster.

Category: Membership

Companies participating in the CSCC help develop and share best practices for protecting critical assets and functions, have access to early warning about threats, collaborate on incident mitigation and gain enhanced capabilities in restoration and continuity. Additionally, as part of the CSCC you will be introduced to sector experts in both government and industry, and have a seat at the table to participate in critical infrastructure protection topics of the day.

The CSCC primarily engages with the Communications’ Sector-Specific Agency, the Department of Homeland Security. In the role of education and outreach, the CSCC is also likely to work with a variety of Federal entities, including but not limited to the different entities throughout the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The CSCC also periodically engages in education and outreach with state and local governments.