CSCC Annual Report 2023 (2022 Year in Review)

2022 was an eventful year that began under the shadow of Russia’s impending war on Ukraine.

In 2022, threats continued at an unprecedented scale against sector members. Against a backdrop of a dynamic and rapidly evolving threat landscape with sophisticated and innovative cyber adversaries, the sector also faced increasingly uncertain geopolitical environment, extreme weather events, and the continued ramifications of COVID on people and systems. These global crises have many implications for national security and the security and resilience of our communications infrastructure. For example, Russia’s war on Ukraine and threats against NATO allies are setting potential precedents on hybrid warfare (physical warfare combined with offensive cyber activities) and the targeting of assets of strategic economic and national importance as well as high value assets. CSCC members anticipate continued engagement on the implications of this environment throughout 2023, including enhancing the security of the Internet of Things (IoT), extreme weather resilience and changing climate adaptation, and addressing the malevolent use of domestic infrastructure…