Standing Committees

Administrative Committee
  • Rudy Brioche, Chair (Comcast) 
Finance Committee
  • Chris Boyer, Chair (AT&T)

Working Committees

Cybersecurity Committee

Focuses on cyber initiatives and developments; provides technical advice; supports related activities and provides input to the Executive Committee on appropriate policy considerations.

  • Robert Cantu, Co-Chair (NCTA – The Internet & Television Association)
  • Paul Eisler, Co-Chair (USTelecom)

Emerging Technologies

Focuses on the impact of the new and developing technologies, such as post-quantum cryptography, artificial intelligence, and machine learning on role, products, and services of the communications sector.

  • Vaibhav Garb, Co-Chair (Comcast)
  • Taylor Hartley, Co-Chair (Ericsson)
  • Justin Perkins, Co-Chair (CTIA)

Infrastructure, 5G and 6GCommittee

Concentrates on initiatives and developments involving critical infrastructure for all segments of the communications sector with a specific focus on 5G and 6G.

  • Chris Boyer, Co-Chair (AT&T)
  • John Marinho, Co-Chair (CTIA)
  • Chris Oatway, Co-Chair (Verizon)

Operational Coordination Committee

Coordinates incident response, continuity of government, and information sharing initiatives with the Communications ISAC, ESF#2 (Communications), other ISACs, and government & industry partners.

  • Chris Anderson, Co-Chair (Lumen)
  • Joe Viens, Co-Chair (Charter)

Outreach, Plans, and Reports Committee

Executes the CSCC’s outreach and education strategies using CSCC assets and capabilities to improve awareness of sector activities.

  • Elizabeth Chernow, Co-Chair (Comcast)
  • Stephanie Travers, Co-Chair (Lumen)

Small and Mid-size Business Committee

Focuses on issues relevant to small and mid-sized communications companies.

  • Tamber Ray, Co-Chair (NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association)
  • Larry Walke, Co-Chair (NAB)

Supply Chain Committee

Focuses on security and risk management issues related to global supply chain of the communications sector.

  • Colin Andrews, Co-Chair (Telecommunications Industry Association)
  • Traci Biswese, Co-Chair (NCTA – The Internet & Television Association)
  • Jessica Cohen, Co-Chair (Verizon)